As a specialized moving company, we normally take on small to medium sized moves. Most of all, however, we do moves involving delicate, expensive, and often heavy equipment. We have experience in moving just about everything including


Moving these types of objects requires the right equipment and the knowledge of how to use it. In certain circumstances it is necessary to build custom equipment, which is all part and parcel of the extensive planning and coordination that goes into all of our moves.

On one occasion we were called in at the last minute (as is often the case since we routinely receive The Call after others have tried and failed). 3 huge pieces of plate glass that were to be the walls of a spectacular glassed in elevator needed to be brought up and installed that night in time for the Grand Opening the next day.

The problem was that the ceiling above the staircase was too low therefore the glass had to be brought up the stairs on an angle. This maneuver is very dangerous since glass should always be moved upright to minimize the stresses. After considerable consternation we decided to build a custom made skid on the spot, which enabled us to carefully slide the glass up the stairs in a controlled and safe manner.

As with pianos, two or three experienced movers with the proper equipment is all you need to move most items where 4 or 5 “strong guys” without that same equipment and experience will get you nothing but bills for repairs and stress for your trouble.

Moventune will solve your problems!


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