I was working at Westend Piano, one of Montreal's oldest and established piano shops, repairing and restoring pianos to earn extra money.  I was working my way through university and a member of Concordia University's varsity wrestling team.  

One day we received a call from the piano mover cancelling a pick up that was a surpise birthday present for a client's son.  So we pushed the piano into a pick up and managed with clumsy effort to wrestle the piano up to the 2nd floor.                                                                                                                                                         Love them 90's color


I guess you could trace Moventune's serendipidous beginnings to that day.  However it took many years of developing our own equipment and techniques before we felt confident to start a company in 1996 and offer our services as professioanal piano movers.

We are proud to serve our community for almost 20 years now. Our commercial activiities have grown to include:  Moving all sorts of heavy / delicate items; our unique Enviroroom; and piano restoration.

We also lend our support to musical projects in Montreal such as donating pianos to Les Pianos Publics and  fundraisers for the colo rectal foundation.

In addition, my own personal mission to save old pianos that are in working condition and offer them free of charge to anyone interested that has garnered significant media attention of late... Including the below piece from the National on CBC




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